2 thoughts on “The Magdala is to reopen!

  1. I was so disappointed to see that ‘The Mag’ had closed, converted into flats so no chance ever of reopening. Astounded and more than delighted then to find it reopened earlier in 2021, and made a flying visit whilst on a trip to London. I worked here in the late 70s and early 80s, ‘living in’ in a room on the top floor with a wonderful view of the city. Next time I’m in town I will visit for longer.
    I’ll add a comment to the supposition that a Mary Watson made the bullet holes in the 1990s, they were already there two decades earlier. There was also a mention, which I had no reason to doubt, that Glenda Jackson had worked behind the bar in her young days. So many stories! And people! at the time. I still look back with fondness.
    Managed to visit when my daughter ran the cross country at Parliament Hill around 2012. Saloon bar almost unchanged, all the artefacts and oddities (anyone remember the puffer fish, or the ceramic mask over the door between the two bars? We used to try and flick coins into that!) all still there. Happy Days!

  2. I followed my comment above, about the ‘bullet holes’ by further reading, especially of Neil Titley’s story. There were definitely holes there in the 70s, (according to many of the regulars who showed me) although I was never able to identify them on my own) so I’ll defer to him, quite possible that the original bullet holes were sprayed around but not on the wall by the public bar door.

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