Application for Asset of Community Value Status

South End Green Association/ Friends of the Magdala

We have applied to Camden to have the Magdala listed as an Asset of Community Value under the 2011 Localism Act.

This will give a degree of protection to the pub should any change of use be proposed.

In support of the application we need to provide evidence of the Magdala’s use as a local amenity.

One way is to show how its function room has been used for meetings of community groups.

SEGA, for instance uses it all the time for members’ gatherings.

Do you know of any groups, clubs, associations that have used it for meetings?

Do you know of other uses, eg. births, weddings, funerals, quizzes, comedy, poetry?

If you know of anything specific, please post it here as a matter of urgency so that the application can be returned to Camden!

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3 thoughts on “Application for Asset of Community Value Status

  1. Fabulous pub quiz every other Monday. Many regulars have been going for years, often eating and drinking at the Mag before the quiz starts ….

  2. Regarding the application for Asset of Community Value status, presumably the current landlords would have records of,who has been using the function room at the Mag.

    In the last 12 months my 1 year old daughter has attended music appreciation classes (for want of a better term) held in the function room of the Mag. They are run by an outfit called ‘Monkey Music’ and are aimed at pre-school children – see

    When she is pushed past the Mag in her buggy on the way into South End Green my daughter will often exclaim ‘monkey’ as we trundle past.

    It would be a crying shame if the amenity of the pub and function room were to be lost. If every square foot of Camden is turned into overpriced housing it will be diminished as a place to live, work and bring up children.

    I wish you well in the application for Asset of Community Value status.


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