Monthly Archives: January 2015

The new plans work for us!

The Friends of the Magdala are very pleased to say that we have seen the new architectural plans for the Magdala and think that they fit in very well with the needs of future customers. The ground floor will remain very much as it was – with a small rear extension to the saloon bar, while there will be a separate staircase to the function room on the first floor. The saloon bar panelling will remain in place. The only loss is that the outside ‘garden’ space on the left hand side of the building will be smaller owing to a new pathway to allow access to the rear entrance of the upstairs flats. We are therefore minded to withdraw our objections to the development and to notify Camden Council of our position.

Subject to general agreement, it appears that the new opening date will be April 1st 2015.

We would be very interested to hear any comments on this new situation – so please post some!

Revised estimate for the opening

There has been an update from David Kitchen of SEGA  who met Jonathan Perritt in the Stag. Jonathan, who will be running the Magadala, expects another six weeks before the opening, due to delays with the planning application.

Even given the slip in the initial opening date this this sounds positive news for the beginning of 2015; perhaps Jonathan will be wanting to start planning an inaugural party!!!